Social Intelligence Agency Listed as One of Ten Agencies to Watch in 2023

By: admin | 21 Nov 2022

10 Social Media Agencies to Follow in 2023

Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for businesses to boost their sales and grow their audience. That being said however, your success will only be as good as your strategy. That’s why in order to succeed at the highest levels, you need the assistance and support of an expert, inspiring, and innovative social media agency.

Working with a social media agency will help you build and scale your brand, create more compelling content, keep up with the latest trends, and more, all while saving you time and effort. To help you find the right fit, here are some of the top social media agencies to watch in 2023.

Truffle Social

Led by CEO Ellie Hernaman, Truffle Social is a social media marketing agency that specializes in delivering and executing highly reactive communication strategies and campaigns.

This all-female agency fosters a culture of ambition, empowerment, and creative excellence. Their services are available to businesses across a number of sectors including hospitality, real estate, fashion & beauty, food and drink, health & wellbeing, as well as lifestyle brands and B2B corporate brands. The  agency is fuelled by an unwavering belief in the power of social.

Truffle Social puts its money where its mouth is, so a portion of company profits have been reinvested in proprietary campaigns offering social proof. This led the agency to acquire “celebrity status” and numerous viral moments along the way. Their own campaigns have been fruitful, garnering millions of views instantaneously, proving that their services are highly valuable.

Businesses looking for a one-stop-shop will be more than happy with the full spectrum of services Truffle Social provides, including strategy, social management, paid social, influencer and content creation. With a social-first approach and an insatiable hunger for innovation, they provide adventurous and engaging social campaigns.

The powerful team behind Truffle Social is a pool of intelligent, resourceful women who value science and creativity equally, allowing them to achieve hard-hitting results. They understand that social marketing campaigns don’t only live online; they’re meant to break through the digital space to influence real-world experiences and conversations, which is exactly what they can achieve for clients.

The Social Co.

Known for its bespoke marketing strategies, The Social Co. exists to help some of the most influential brands reach new heights locally, nationally, and internationally. This wonderful team of young creative and analytical thinkers crafts engaging and insightful marketing strategies to deliver tangible results and exceed clients’ expectations. They are social media specialists who offer incredible value.

The Social Co. has a results-driven approach and it provides solutions tailored to each client and the target audience they need to reach. The skillful and knowledgeable team specializes in social media, graphic design, videography, photography, and animation. As such, they can fulfill clients’ needs and visions to perfection.

The agency won Best Social Media Campaign in the Marketing & PR Brilliance Awards 2020 for their We Remember video. That video was born out of a desire to inject some positivity and provide closeness amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. It was an unprecedented experience, so The Social Co. wanted to remind people of what’s important.

They released it on all their social media platforms and, before long, the video was picked up by news outlets such as BBC and ITV, as well as ABC’s The View presented by Whoppie Goldberg. The video was also used by the United Nations in their efforts to spread positivity throughout the lockdown. They made positivity go viral at a very appropriate time and the agency has been growing steadily since.

Cannabis Creative Group

Cannabis Creative Group is an agency that has been leading the digital marketing and branding sector of the cannabis industry since 2017. At the time the agency was founded, the cannabis industry was still in its infancy, but the eager team gained a lot of experience working with a wide range of organizations.

During the last 5 years, Cannabis Creative Group has helped hundreds of organizations in the US, Canada, Europe, and Mexico by providing creative branding solutions, best-in-class websites and digital marketing campaigns for growth. They offer a wide range of services and provide inspired solutions for branding, website design and development, packaging, email marketing, social media, SEO, and SEM/PPC.

Some of their most notable clients include Revolutionary Clinics, Cannacare Docs, Ethos, iAnthus, Fine Fettle and Kind Peoples. Cannabis Creative Group doesn’t only help clients reach their marketing goals, they also promote equality and social justice in the cannabis space. They are committed to diversification, which opens many doors to untouched communities and attracts new perspectives and ideas.

Cannabis Creative Group approaches cannabis marketing with creativity and innovation, allowing them to stand out from the competition and attract clients across the industry. This is one of the few global agencies with the knowledge and experience to help companies navigate the complexities around advertising online. Additionally, they understand the intricacies around cannabis digital marketing, which vary from state to state, and they are experts at helping clients adapt and thrive.

Social Intelligence Agency

Founded and led by CEO and Executive Producer Lisa Jammal, Social Intelligence Agency is an influential and highly successful social media agency with a flexible, experienced, and confident team of digital experts and specialized agents. Established in 2011, this is one of the first-ever social media agencies to provide expertise in social media strategy and execution at a time of high demand.

Social Intelligence Agency is made up of the Agents of Influence™ who create and strategize across all social platforms. They support clients and leverage a deep understanding of media trends, viral content, and social thought leadership. With counterintelligence expertise in Public Relations, Social Media, Brand Strategy, Creative Production, Digital Media Marketing, and Live Production, this agency leverages over a decade of experience in the field.

Over the years, they have worked with top brands, talent, and influencers across a variety of industries. Including the likes of Disney Channel, Nokia Music, Recording Academy, GRAMMY Museum, COSM, Blaze Pizza, and more. Additionally, they’ve produced and supported live events such as the 62nd, 63rd, and 64th GRAMMY Awards, and Vulture Festival, among others.

Social Intelligence Agency has grown and evolved alongside the social media platforms they now dominate. As a result, they offer clients unmatched insight and the best possible outcomes. This inspired team knows what the priorities are and they provide clients with everything they need to succeed. Social Intelligence Agency approaches clients with energy, expertise, and passion to lead them across the finish line with a results-driven strategy.

The Craftsman Agency

Led by Chief Creative Officer and CEO Gina Michnowicz, The Craftsman Agency is a creative shop and social media agency that brings exquisite craftsmanship to the heart of clients’ projects. They partner with imaginative brands to create immersive, magical, and timeless moments. To accomplish that, they leverage the power of bold storytelling that crosses physical and digital boundaries to create a lasting impression.

The Craftsman Agency showcases the world the way artists, storytellers, scientists, and technologists see it to amaze audiences around the world. Their unique and inspired approach to social media marketing gives clients the growth boost their businesses need.

The innovative team of creative and expert storytellers knows exactly how to paint a vivid picture and tell a brand’s story in a way that sticks. This is how they activate audiences! The Craftsman Agency offers unique and first-to-market ideas that make a huge difference for clients.

Additionally, the team behind The Craftsman Agency is great at problem-solving. They get to know clients and their goals to determine the optimal activation for each of them. That means there’s no cookie-cutter approach! They offer bespoke and tailored services that bring real value to clients and make a difference in their brand perception and bottom line.



Carney is a full-service digital agency with a nimble team of data-obsessed strategists, deep thinkers, believers, and over-achievers working together to make big dreams come true for brands.

Carney’s daily marketing newsletter, The Daily Carnage, offers a glimpse into what this incredible team has to offer. Though the tone of the newsletter is fun and even a little irreverent, they offer some of the most valuable industry tips, tricks, and tools, so marketers alike know they won’t drown in the social media algorithm whirlpool.

When it comes to working with brands, Carney takes a holistic approach across all principles of digital and brand marketing. If a campaign isn’t testing well, they adjust, optimize, or even invent something new that WILL work. Carney has made some of these game-changing tools available for everyone.

Carney’s motto is to help brands break through the noise, and they stand out for all the right reasons.

Outsmart Labs

Founded and led by CEO David Azar, Outsmart Labs partners with clients to help them grow and scale their digital presence to position themselves as the disruptors of today and the leaders of tomorrow. This is a full 360 Digital Marketing agency that specializes in multichannel strategies, which is how they provide clients with greater visibility, higher traffic, and more sales & conversions.

Outsmart Labs works with a wide variety of clients such as luxury powerhouse LVMH, hospitality groups such as Marriott, Baha Mar, Sexy Fish, and large-scale entertainment companies like Universal and Magic Mike Live Tour to mention a few.

The agency stands out thanks to its deep knowledge of content production and eagerness to constantly specialize in emerging digital channels and trends to offer uniquely impactful digital campaigns.

As a result, Outsmart Labs excels with traditional digital marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Instagram, Content Production, Google, etc., but also leverages new and emerging channels such as TikTok, the Metaverse, and more. Giving their client an edge is how they create a strong impact and generate stronger ROI.

Outsmart Labs has been focused on TikTok organic and paid since day one, resulting in the creation of a full in-house video and content production studio leading them to become the top TikTok agency in the US.

Innovation and experimentation are at the core of everything they do. The agency has been a leader in the space for the last decade, and now only works with a select clientele.

Electriq, A DRINKS Company

Founded and led by Brandon Amoroso, Electriq, A DRINKS Company is a retention and growth agency specifically created for forward-thinking DTC brands. It offers a proprietary process that leverages custom plans for growth to help clients increase customer lifetime value and build a strong, sustainable platform that can evolve over time.

Electriq is one of the fastest-growing agencies in North America with a focus on Shopify, and it has achieved Klaviyo Elite Master Partner, Recharge Premier, Attentive Pioneer, and Shopify Certified Partner status.

The Gen Z leadership separates the agency from others in the industry because the lively and passionate team brings a unique focus on building customer relationships for successful DTC programs. In their new role as a part of DRINKS, they are lending their expertise to the wine and alcohol industry to support wineries as they shift to DTC.

While other social media marketing agencies attempt to be a jack of all trades, Electriq focuses solely on DTC retention for Shopify. They do one thing and they do it extremely well, offering clients tremendous value with a highly-effective process that will help them enter the marketplace on the right foot.


Founded by Adam Hopkinson and David SwannellPashn is one of the top social media planning and buying agencies on the market. They operate within all channels and they work with clients who are as passionate about their work as their consumers are about their brands.

In March 2022, Pashn was incorporated with founding clients including Boo Hoo Group, Rovio (Angry Birds), Prevayl, and Candivore. The passionate and creative team behind this agency works for brands they believe in. Additionally, they focus on sectors they understand well, namely fashion, entertainment, and leisure, which they live and breathe. This allows them to provide the utmost value to clients!

Pashn has its own media attribution system which provides all media with a window to associate their effect on traffic and sales. Even though their activations are not all performance-based, it’s important that all output is delivered against core KPIs and that client’s business improvement is properly measured.

If we boil down Pashn to one thing, that would work. They put good work at the front and centre of everything they do. Adam and his team don’t rely on gimmicks, black boxes, restrictive deals, or nonsense of any kind. They prioritise clients’ objectives and deliver against them cleanly, quickly, and effectively.

Toven Social

Credit: Photo taken by Kristin Mansky of Marra Creative

Founded by Social Media Strategist Tiffany Frey, Toven Social is a strategic social media marketing boutique agency based in LA. The agency specializes in strategic planning, content creation, management and analytics, and optimization. Tiffany leverages over ten years of experience in advertising and marketing to deliver effective digital strategy and marketing tactics.

During the beginning of her career, she worked on national accounts at ad agencies in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, focusing on print and out-of-home advertising. Throughout her tenure, she pursued her love for digital marketing and began consulting full-time in 2021 when she moved to California. After freelancing in influencer marketing and social media management for one year, she decided to open up her own Social Media agency.

Toven Social was born in the spring of 2022. Though small, Toven Social packs a mighty punch and has become the go-to boutique agency for dynamic, engaging content.

Tiffany and her team partner with founders and CEOs to create robust and strategic marketing plans that give clients an edge over the competition. One key factor that sets Toven Social apart is its creative team that produces trending content with great agility. The team is excellent at communication and adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. They approach social media boldly, passionate about finding exciting ways to convey brand messaging, products, and services.

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing social media agencies to continue to watch as they make their mark on the world.

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