Your Agents of Influence

By: lisa jammal | 13 Jul 2017

There was a time when Social Intelligence Agency (SIA) was merely a rumor. A passing tale detailing a group of “agents” that brought great success to those lucky enough to find them. Stories of a shadowy collective of creative veterans and digital prodigies that entrusted their most imaginative strategies with a select number of companies.

Social media Agency, Agents of InfluenceIf you’ve found yourself in the right intelligence circles lately, you might have heard all about the secretive company that plans and executes innovative campaigns for brands big and small. Our company’s agents-of-influence are your company’s greatest asset as we create a custom digital strategy that coincides with your brand as we aggressively blend social media exploitation with traditional public relations, tailored media marketing and eye-catching web strategies and development.

Our spymaster and station chief have handpicked a team of dedicated and obsessive field agents that uniquely understand the environment for elevated media awareness and impressionable results. We’re the clandestine agents working behind the scenes to make sure your brand doesn’t get burned. Need for us to be more in front of things? Our double agents frequently handle critical missions like on-site brand activations and top secret product unveilings.

From corporate clients to fashion brands, talent, technology and entertainment, the SIA is the counterintelligence agency to trust with your social, public relations and media needs.

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